NSF Certified for Sport – Serodyne™ – Pituitary Gland Nutrition and Support

The pituitary gland is called the master endocrine gland and is known to control the functions of all the endocrine glands. The gland reaches its maximum size in middle age and then gradually becomes smaller, losing its capacity to produce functional peptides involved in many physiological processes and systems. The timely secretion and circulation of these peptides are associated with diverse functions, such as: maintaining healthy bones, body composition, protein turnover, muscle mass, and even hair and skin health.

For decades, doctors have been injecting a synthetic version of a specific pituitary peptide into their most exclusive clients at a cost of over one-thousand dollars a month, due its purported ability to help users look and feel decades younger. Not years… DECADES younger.

Limitless Worldwide has discovered a radical, new, proprietary amino acid compound that complements your body’s natural production of this pituitary peptide after a single oral serving of the supplement,* as shown in a double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial – at a tiny fraction of the cost of painful and expensive injections, and it’s available without a prescription. And the timing is just right.

Serodyne-150Achieve Your Fitness Goals with Serodyne™ – Certified for Sport by NSF

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